Wilson Manifolds 461105

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Air Inlet Elbow, High-Flow, Aluminum, Polished, Each

Air Inlet Material:
Air Inlet Finish:
Rubber Sleeve Adapters Included:
Hose Clamps Included:
Sold individually.
Designed for use with 60-90mm Ford-style square flange throttle bodies and a 4150 carburetor flange. Mounts throttle body facing the side of the vehicle.

Wilson Manifolds High-Flow Elbows

Wilson Manifolds' lightweight, 100 degree elbows provide the most efficient method of adapting their high-flow, single-bore throttle bodies to 4150 or 4500 series intake manifolds. Wilson Manifolds' elbows incorporate a computer-optimized transition from the throttle body to the intake manifold plenum for maximum airflow and distribution. Wilson Manifolds' elbows are CNC-machined to match each throttle body size.