Ultra Altered Strut Package Externally Adjustable Brakes Not Included

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Drag Race Use Only

For Spindle Mount Wheels

Require Wheels Designed For Anglia Spindles
These are not the same as Strange aluminum strut spindles


Designed for Altereds with a solid front end having traction issues on bad tracks
With limited flex in the chassis, they were unable to adapt to bumps on the surface
Small adjustable struts with springs became the perfect solution for this condition

These struts are now finding their way into a many high horsepower Dragsters
Some Super Comp Dragsters & Top Dragsters are now experiencing a different issue
Occasional lifting of the front tires out of the beams gives inconsistent reaction times
Having stroke and an adjustable extension rate offers more tuning options to the racer

Strut Package Includes

Ultra Altered Struts
• 4130 steel bodies
• Brake tabs installed
• Nickel plated to resist corrosion
• Externally adjustable for extension rate
• 1.250″ stroke (with bumper installed)
• Designed, machined, & built by Strange Engineering

Top Spring Seat with Encased Torrington® Bearings
• Reduces steering friction
• Allows height adjustments without springs binding

Billet Aluminum Steering Arms
• Provides stiffness while remaining lightweight

Lower Control Arm Fabrication Kit
• Semi-finished TIG Welded 4130 lower control arms
• Inner tubing adapters
• Teflon® lined spherical ball LCA bearings
• Choice of 7/16″ or 1/2″ Teflon® lined chrome moly rod ends
• NAS bolts, ESNA flanged locking nuts, & 3AN washers

Coil Springs
• 5″ x 2″ ID