Summit Racing® Pro LS Crankshafts

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Pro LS 4340 Forged Steel Crank, 3.622 Stroke, 24X Reluctor, Lightened Rod Journals and Gun-drilled Mains, Std. 6-bolt Flange, Internal balanced, LS1


Rear Main Seal Style:
Engine Stroke (in.):
3.622 in.
Crankshaft Material:
Forged 4340 steel
Engine Balance:
Reluctor Wheel Tooth Quantity:
Requires Narrow Bearings:
Rod Bearings Included:
Main Bearings Included:
Rod Journal Diameter (in):
2.100 in.
Main Journal Diameter (in):
2.559 in.
Balancer Bolt Thread Size:
M16 x 2.0
Crankshaft Snout Style:
51.000 lbs.
Sold individually.
For use with 24x ECUs. Narrowed rod bearings required. Reluctor ring can be bent, if crank improperly laid down. Dual 3/16 keyway, Woodruff key not included, reuse factory or NAL-12561513. Front keyway for blowers is SUM-161000. Always clean with mineral spirits and brake-clean oil gallery with 1/4 in. engine brush PIO-4501.
Summit Racing® Pro LS Crankshafts

Summit Racing® Pro LS forged steel crankshafts give you industry-leading fit, finish, and durability at an affordable price. Order the model recommended for your year/make and engine application. Check out the long list of premium features:

* 4340 forged steel
* Tested to over 1,200 hp in boosted applications
* Core hardened to optimum strength, then tempered to remove stresses
* Nitride hardened, which results in less distortion, excellent case depth, and more fatigue life
* Profiled counterweights reduce windage
* Precision stroke and indexing
* Lightening holes are drilled in the rod journals for quicker engine acceleration
* Gun-drilled Main Journals for quicker engine acceleration
* Each crank is magnetic particle tested to ensure it's free of flaws
* Large radius fillets for increased strength, narrowed rod bearings for reduced friction
* Straight shot oiling for maximum oiling just prior to maximum load angle
* Maximum journal tolerances of +/- .0001 in. ensure consistent bearing clearance
* Micro-polished journals with chamfered oil holes for maximum durability and bearing life
* Optimized counterweight placement for reduced twisting at high rpm and ease of balancing
* High-quality reluctor rings are installed with precision fixturing
* Extra 3/16 in. front keyway for blower cars