Racing Strut Front Snout Kits

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Subframe, Strut Suspension, Front, 1 5/8 in. Frame Rails, Kit.

Subframe Position: Front

Subframe Material: Mild steel

Subframe Finish: Natural

Motor Mounts Included: No

Welding Required: Yes

Quantity: Sold as a kit.


Racing strut front snout kits are up to 300 lbs. lighter than the OEM subframes and suspensions they replace. These frame snout kits are designed to accept racing-type strut front suspensions with rack-and-pinion steering (both sold separately).

exclusive one-piece frame rail design makes assembly a snap. Less cutting, less welding, and less fitting saves time and money. Plus, there is no chance of mismatched frame rails. Benefits include improved header clearance, provisions for engine relocation, and easy oil pan removal.

Alston Racing strut front snout kits include:

* One-piece lower rail
* Front cage struts
* Rack and pinion mounting crossmember
* Upper strut mounts
* Control arm mounting brackets
* Rack and pinion mounts
* Detailed blueprint and complete instructions