QA1 MOD Series Coilover Shocks

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Coilover Shock Type: Double-adjustable

Shock Body Material: Aluminum

Shock Body Finish: Black anodized

Adjustable Valving: Yes

Number of Valving Selections: 24

Upper Mount: Eyelet

Lower Mount: Eyelet

Internal Design: Twin-tube

Gas Charged: Yes

Bushing Material: Spherical bearing

Bushing Color: Natural

Coilover Springs Included: No

Adjustable Mounting Bracket Included: No

Hardware Included: Yes

Quantity: Sold individually.


QA1 MOD Series coilover shocks put the ability to re-valve your shocks—on your car—into the palm of your hand. These innovative shocks feature QuickTune Technology, an industry-first that provides the ability to adapt to any track, any conditions, any time. The technology consists of interchangeable, dry modular valve pack assemblies, that can be thought of as dozens of finely tuned shocks you can hold in the palm of your hand. They define the valving curve of the shocks, and can be changed without interrupting the oil pathways. Simply unscrew from the shock, bolt-in another one with a new pre-determined valving range—and you're ready to go. There's no mess, no contamination, no air intrusion, and no downtime waiting on someone to re-valve your shocks. Ideal for Circle Track and Street/Strip applications, the shocks are available in a variety of extended and collapsed length models to best fit your vehicle.

Additional benefits and features of QA1 MOD Series shocks:

* All new design delivers force, control, and unmatched tenability
* Hard anodized aluminum bodies with PTFE—durable, non-galling surface
* Double-adjustable shocks with low-speed bleed adjustments
* Large solid piston (with blow-off valve)—improved driver feel and control with up to 1,600 lb. force
* High-speed valving adjustment (coarse adjustment)—relates to shock operation during impact events, like hitting a pothole or curb
* 24 clicks/settings—wider range of adjustment than comparable shocks
* Indexable base eyelet—multiple mounting position to optimize knob access and provide more mounting flexibility
* Low-speed valving (fine-tune adjustments)—adjusts ride quality and weight transfer on corner entry/exit; more bleed for softer feel and less bleed for stiffer feel
* Piggyback or remote canister options
* Unique spring adjuster nut and tool
* Thrust bearings included
* Superior thermal performance, as oil is in constant contact with outer body
* One base shock can be upgraded over time to keep up with increased performance levels of your vehicle