Kirkey 55 Series Aluminum Pro Street Drag Seats

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Seat, 55 Series Pro Street Drag, Highback Bucket, 18 degree Layback, Aluminum, Natural


Kirkey Pro Street drag seats allow you to be comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel. The 55 Series aluminum seats are designed for all drag cars, door slammers and Pro Street, and constructed of MIG- and TIG-welded, 0.100 in. thick, 5052 grade aluminum. They're offered in a range of hip sizes, including 18 1/2 in. and 20 in. with longer bottoms, belt openings moved forward, side bolsters, and raised rear belt openings to accommodate larger drivers.

Kirkey 55 Series aluminum Pro Street drag seat features:

* Offset aluminum extrusion around perimeter of seat allows added strength and safety
* Reinforced head rest
* Front of seat is raised for added leg and thigh support
* Seat comes standard with double-shoulder belt openings and sub-belt openings to accommodate all belt systems
* Molded rubber inserts for all seat belt openings
* Seat bottom allows seat to be mounted in a wide range of layback angles without raising center of gravity on the race car