Impact Racing Rotary Cam Restraint Systems

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Harness, Complete, Camlock, Individual-Type, Wraparound, Roll Bar Mount, Black, Set


Harness Type: Lap belt

SFI Rating: SFI 16.1

Number of Mounting Points: 5-point

Latch Style: Camlock

Lap Belt Mounting Style: Wraparound/Bolt-in

Belt Color: Black

Shoulder Harness Type: Individual shoulders

Lap Belt Width (in): 3.000 in.

Belt Adjustment: Pull down

Belts Included: Lap belt

Belt Material: Nylon

Quantity: Sold individually.

Impact Racing rotary cam restraint systems will keep the racer safe. These nylon SFI 16.1 rated driver restraints feature exclusive adjusters which are light, low-profile, and comfortable.