Hughes Performance Competition Transmissions

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Automatic Transmission, Reverse Shift Pattern, Manual Valve Body, Trans-Brake, Chevy, Powerglide, Each


Number of Gears: Two

Valve Body Style: Full manual

Transmission Advertised Horsepower Rating: 2,500

Torque Converter Included: No

Trans-Brake Included: Yes

Lockup Compatible: No

Transmission Pan Style: Deep

Transmission Pan Material: Aluminum

Tailshaft Length (in): 11.250 in.

Yoke Style: Slip-on

Input Spline Quantity: 30

Input Shaft Material: Vasco

First Gear Ratio (Automatic Transmissions): 1.80

Clutch Hub: Steel

Transmission Case Style: OEM

Transmission Case Material: Aluminum

Transmission Case Finish: Black

Transmission Shield Built In: Yes

Flexplate Shield Built In: Yes

Fluid Fill Location: Case

Dipstick Included: No

SFI Rating: SFI 4.1/ 30.1

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: SFI 4.1 safety liner included. Long Style. Billet planetary with 9310 gears.


Hughes Performance competition transmissions deliver unsurpassed strength and reliability under the most severe conditions. The finest state-of-the-art performance parts are used in Hughes competition units. All internal and external components are inspected and then assembled to exact tolerances, thus ensuring top quality and performance. These transmissions are equipped with reverse-pattern, or, in some cases, forward-pattern valve bodies for sure, solid, quick shifts. They are also equipped with Hughes "Pro III" trans-brake valve bodies. These transmissions are designed with the capacity to withstand pass after pass.