FuelTech Peak and Hold 4A/1A Injector Drivers

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Fuel Injector Driver Modules, Peak and Hold, 4A/1A Injector Drivers, Each

FuelTech Peak and Hold 4A/1A injector drivers are 4-channel low impedance injectors driver units that are designed to keep up with the demands of today's big horsepower engines fuel injectors. The Peak and Hold circuit open the injector with a high current (Peak) pulse and then switches the current down to hold the injector open to feed the volume.

Additional features of Peak and Hold 4A/1A injector drivers:

* Controls up to 4 injectors with 1.5 to 3 ohms of impedance and feature
* 8 Bosch 160 lbs./h (1600cc) injectors (2 per channel)
* 4 Siemens 83 lbs./h injectors
* 4 MSD injectors (with 2 ohms impedance per injector)

Contents of package:

* 1 Peak and Hold 4A/1A
* 1 operation and installation guide
* 1 mounting kit (four rubber mounts, four washers and four 1/4 in. nuts)
* 6 ft. Peak and Hold unterminated harness (optional)
* 1 FuelTech black carbon fiber sticker