FTI Performance Pro Powerglide Level 5.5 Transmissions

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Automatic Transmission, Pro Powerglide Level 5.5, Two Gears, 17-spline Input, Deep Aluminum Pan, Trans-brake, SFI 4.1/30.1, Chevrolet, Each


Number of Gears: Two

Valve Body Style: Full manual

Transmission Advertised Horsepower Rating: 2,200

Torque Converter Included: No

Trans-Brake Included: Yes

Lockup Compatible: No

Transmission Pan Style: Deep

Transmission Pan Material: Aluminum

Transmission Pan Finish: Natural

Tailshaft Length (in): 11.250 in.

Yoke Style: Slip-on

Input Spline Quantity: 17

Input Shaft Material: ER100

Clutch Hub: Steel

Transmission Case Style: Aftermarket

Transmission Case Material: Aluminum

Transmission Case Finish: Natural

Transmission Shield Built In: Yes

Flexplate Shield Built In: Yes

Fluid Fill Location: Case

Dipstick Included: Yes

SFI Rating: SFI 4.1/ 30.1

Quantity: Sold individually.


Delivering big power for racers, FTI Performance Pro Powerglide Level 5.5 transmissions are an unbreakable unit. Equipped with the FTI creatively designed spiral springs and valve body, these units don't creep when the brake is set—a must in today's racing world. With in-house machining, these trannies are hand-assembled by one builder, and every clearance is set to exacting tolerances. The transmissions house the greatest advances in powerglide racing technology, and are designed to withstand the rigors of today's high-performance engines in an extremely demanding environment.

Other features include:

* 2200 advertised horsepower rating
* Protree transbrake 265 lbs.
* Lightened steel clutch hub
* 1.80 or 1.69 straight cut planetary
* ER100 input shaft
* 10-clutch drum
* Pro mod wideband
* High-flow pump
* 300M output shaft