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A FT600 is FuelTech’s most advanced engine control and monitoring system. It is an ECU, dashboard, data acquisition and power management system.

Technical Description


  • Otto cycle engine control for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders
  • Wankel engine control (rotary) for 2, 3 and 4 rotors
  • Full sequential ignition control, semi-sequential and multipoint control;
  • Ignition control through trigger wheel or distributor
  • Full sequential ignition or wasted spark;
  • Closed loop injection through oxygen sensor (wide band lambda sensor)1
  • AMP SUPERSEAL automotive connectors
  • Electronic throttle body Control (Drive-By-Wire)
  • Ignition timing and actuator based Idle control (throttle body, step motor, or PWM valve)
  • Real-time adjustable maps on the screen and on the FTManager software
  • Aluminium case with IP67 certified waterproof seals (capable to withstand up to 1 hour under 1.65 feets of water)


  • Differential input for RPM signal
  • Differential input for cam sync signal
  • 20 input channels which are completely adjustable – digital and analogic (temperature, pressure, speed and position sensors, TPS, external MAP, buttons, keys, etc.)
  • 2 inputs with a high gain preamplifier usually used with a strain gage sensor
  • Adjustable sensor reading scale
  • Speed sensor and integrated gyroscope
  • Internal MAP sensor of 7 bar (1 bar vacuum and 6 bar positive pressure);
  • 1 USB port for computer and FuelTech software connection
  • 2 CAN ports for FuelTech FTCAN 2.0 or FTCAN 1.0 (communication with FuelTech WB-O2 Nano, FuelTech EGT-8 CAN, Racepak IQ3 (requires Racepak Universal Interface Module), FuelTech FTSPARK, VNET, AiM, etc)


  • 32 general-purpose outputs: (all of which can be used for general accessories as fuel pump, thermatic fans, valves, injectors, solenoids, etc.)
  • 16 open collector outputs: recommended for high impedance injectors  (up to 4 injectors per output) –  it is possible to set up to 32 injectors using external FuelTech Peak and Hold ECU
  • 8 open collector outputs with a 5V current source of: recommended for ignition control
  • 8 PUSH-PULL or HALF BRIDGE outputs: suitable for ignition, step motor control, electronic throttle body and to activate loads by 12V instead of ground

Dashboard/on-board computer:

  • Screen dashboard which displays different sizes and styles to be used with any existing equipment or sensor
  • Dashboard can have up to 4 screens with navigation through the screen or external button
  • Upper tab with 10 LED lights, colored RGB and adjustable progressive shift light
  • 4 RGB LED side lights which can be triggered by 3 different combined settings
  • Diagnosis dashboard with real-time information of all inputs, outputs, CAN engine start diagnosis and Status Events

Injection controls:

  • Full sequential injection for up to 24 outputs
  • Closed loop fuel control through O2 sensor (wide band sensor) 1
  • 2 injection banks (Bank A and bank B)
  • Primary map though MAP, TPS  or RPM
  • Advanced 3D primary map with up to 32x32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
  • Simplified 2D map with up to 1x32 cells by MAP or TPS and RPM compensation of up to 1x32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
  • Injection time resolution of 0,001ms
  • Acceleration fuel enrichment and decay adjustment
  • Individual cylinder trim setting by MAP or RPM
  • Injector compensation through: 
    - Engine temperature
    - Air temperature
    - Battery voltage (individual per bank) 
    - TPS or MAP
    - Starting engine map with the engine temperature
    - Prime pulse table
    - Post start enrichment
    - Gear based fuel compensation
    - Gear shift fuel compensation
    - Fuel injection angle table
    - Injectors deadtime compensation by battery voltage

1 An external wide band lambda sensor conditioner is required – FuelTech WB-O2 Nano, Alcohol-O2, WBO2 Datalogger, etc.);

Ignition Controls:

  • Sequential ignition for up to 12 cylinders
  • Main map by MAP, TPS or RPM
  • Advanced 3D primary map with up to 32x32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
  • Simplified 2D map with up to 1x32 cells per MAP or TPS and RPM compensation of up to 1x32 cells (completely adjustable map index and size)
  • Injection angle resolution of 0,01°
  • Individual cylinder injection settings
  • Ignition timing compensation by air temperature
  • Ignition timing compensation by engine temperature
  • Gear based timing compensation
  • Gear shift timing compensation 

Internal Datalogger:

  • Multiple session recording (files) logs up to 256 channels
  • Simplified mode with sample rate of 25, 50, 100 or 200Hz
  • Advanced mode allows individual settings for the sample rate with 1, 5, 25, 50, 100 or 200Hz 
  • Automatic activation by RPM, through the screen or by external button
  • Data storage for up to 2h50min (24 channels at 25Hz)
  • FTManager Datalogger Software for viewing and comparing logs

Drag Racing Features:

  • Burnout mode, 2-step, 3-step
  • Ignition timing map for drag Racing features
  • Line lock brake output
  • Brake pressure control by line lock
  • 2-step activation by speed, boost, MAP or clutch position
  • Time based RPM limiter by timing retard or ignition cut
  • Time based wheel speed or driveshaft RPM control with timing retard or ignition cut
  • Time-based ignition timing compensation 
  • Time-based fuel compensation
  • Pro-Nitrous setting for up to 6 stages, with activation control, fuel enrichment and ignition timing maps
  • Gear shift output
  • Time based output
  • Staging control
  • Wheelie Control

Drag Racing Features:

  • Integrated GearController : ignition cut for clutchless gear shiftings using a strain gage sensor on the shifter
  • Integrated BoostController: wastegate valve pressure control
  • Idle speed control by timing, step motor, PWM valve or electronic throttle body
  • Deceleration fuel cutoff
  • Control of up to two thermatic fans through engine temperature or air conditioning
  • Air conditioning control
  • Fuel pump control – with 6s prime
  • Variable Valve Timing (VTEC) control
  • Progressive nitrous control with fuel enrichment and timing retard; 
  • Generic duty cycle – PWM control
  • Boost activated output
  • RPM activated output
  • Different options for gear detection: RPM drop, analogic sensor, pulse, speed and gear ratio, by gear shift output or GearController
  • Start button. Allows to start and shut down the engine via a relay connected to an output switching the starter
  • Cold start with external reservoir
  • Differential control for Yamaha YXZ1000 UTV

Protection and Alerts:

  • RPM limiter by fuel or ignition cut
  • Shift light with sound and dashboard alert and/or external shift light
  • Configurable safe mode options (RPM limit or engine shutoff)
  • High or low exhaust gas temperature (EGT), O2 closed loop limit, over boost, over rev, engine temperature, duty cycle, oil pressure, fuel pressure and differential fuel pressure.

General Features:

  • Display brightness adjustment
  • LED lights brightness adjustment
  • Night and day mode selection by external switch and through the menu
  • Buzzer intensity adjustment for the interface and sound alerts
  • Memory for saving up to 5 different maps
  • ECU and Map protection password, with individual full ECU or map password only, including map lock-up function that allows the current map to be saved and run exclusively on the actual ECU (ensure by serial code)
  • User and tuner protection password
  • PC communication through mini USB cable
  • Operation temperature: from -4 F to +158 F
  • Maximum power supply voltage: 20v


  • Product FT600 EFI: 5.86 x 3.7 x 2.42 in
  • FT600 packaging: 12.2 x 8.86 x 3.33 in


  • Product FT600 EFI: 20.74 oz
  • FT600 EFI packaging without harness: 61.44 oz


  • 1 year (FuelTech modules only)

Contents of Packaging

  • 1 FT600 EFI
  • 1 Operation and installation guide
  • 1 Mounting kit (4 rubber mounts, 4 washers and 4 ¼” nuts)
  • 1 Protection cover for the FT600 ECU
  • 1 FuelTech FT600 exclusive badge
  • 1 USB flash drive (containing the FTManager softwares and guides)
  • 1 Mini USB cable
  • 1 Nylon hose for MAP Sensor
  • 1 Promotional kit (including a pen, a keychain and a sticker kit)
  • 1 PRO600 V8 Complete Harness
  • Plus selected options