Dart LS Next Aluminum Bare Blocks

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Engine Block, LS Next, Aluminum, 4.125 in. Diameter Bore, 4-Bolt Mains, Skirted, Chevy, LS, Each

Main Journal Type:
LS mains
Engine Block Style:
Deck Height (in.):
9.240 in.
Cylinder Bore as Shipped:
4.125 in.
Maximum Bore Diameter:
4.165 in.
Engine Block Material:
Engine Block Weight (lbs):
115 lbs.
Main Bolt Style:
Main Caps Included:
Main Cap Material:
Main Cap Fasteners Included:
Main Bearings Included:
Rear Main Seal Style:
Finished Cylinder Bores:
Raised Cam Location:
Cam Bearings Included:
Freeze Plugs Included:
Sold individually.
Dart LS Next Aluminum Bare Blocks

Dart LS Next aluminum bare blocks are designed from a clean slate approach. They integrate the robust heritage of a traditional Chevy small block with the performance potential of the late model LS engine architecture. By utilizing conventional style main caps and oil pans with LS rotating assemblies and related components, Dart has addressed the LS engine's more noticeable shortcomings on the bottom end—while still supporting high-flow and efficient cylinder heads developed for both the Gen III and IV platforms. Dart LS Next aluminum bare blocks are a real game-changer!

Highlight features of the LS Next aluminum bare blocks are:

* Cast from premium aluminum alloy
* One-piece rear main seal design
* Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps
* Available in deck heights from 9.240 in., 9.450 in., and up to 9.800 in.
* Extra-thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal
* Blind head holes available in 7/16 in. or 1/2 in.
* Scalloped water jackets increase flow around cylinders for better cooling
* Clearance for 4.100 in. stroke with steel rods
* Must be clearanced for fully counterweighted crankshafts
* Splayed outer bolts on middle main bearing caps
* Provisions for OE stock roller lifters and cam
* Uses stock timing covers and stock rear cover
* All OE holes for starter water pump, etc.
* Skirted and non-skirted design available
* Driver or passenger side starter mounts (not available on skirted version)