Billet Specialties Comp 5 Series Polished Double Beadlock Wheels

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Wheel Material: Forged aluminum

TPMS Sensor Compatible: No

Primary Wheel Color: Polished

Wheel Finish: Polished

Manufacturers Wheel Series: Billet Specialties Comp Series

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Double beadlock wheel. Includes black beadlock rings. SFI 15.1 certified.




Billet Specialties says, "When battles are won or lost in less than a second... you better have the right weapon." If that's how you race, then Billet Specialties Comp 5 Series double beadlock wheels are that weapon. They feature 2-piece construction (spun aluminum rim halves with forged aluminum centers) with SFI 15.1 certification. These Comp 5 Series double beadlock wheels feature lightweight and scalloped double beadlocks that have an aggressively knurled inner surface to prevent tire slip.